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The Bondservant of Christ is called by God as a watcher of realms of glorification and redemption of the human body, He is a custodian of the realms of fire. Teleportation and ascension into the heavenly places.

The Lord has granted him access to this revelation for the preceding days of the emerging age of the sons of God. It is written the earnest expectation of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. (Romans 8:19)

God has instructed the Bondservant of Christ John Anosike; The President of Spirit Revelation Ecclesia, to take the “Campaign Of Life” to the nations of the world!
This is a vision and commission from God to lift the mantle and champion the Move of The Apostolic Mandate to reach all nations of the earth with the gospel of Life; Incorruption, Immortality(death impossible) and Sonship( the long-awaited redemption of creation)!
It is a ‘teaching campaign’ on how NOT TO DIE physically, how to exit the earth through revelation and ascension: hence recovering our true identity and position in Christ.
The first Adam sinned, died and went to the grave thus; all descendants of the first Adam died, following the pattern of the corrupt and fallen DNA.
BUT, There is another ‘last Adam’-Christ.. the Life Giving Spirit, who died and after 3 days was resurrected and ascended into the 3rd heavens!
A new order has been set! The old blood has been shed on The Cross and A New DNA has been infused back into ‘US, the Body of Christ’!! Another possibility has been established and now, God has raised the Bondservant of Christ John to carry this rare mandate to all the world. To shoulder the government of Christ to teach all men and bring them to the enlightenment of the power of transformation in Christ, that mortality may be enveloped in immortality and that nations may ask as scripturally foretold “oh death, where is your victory, oh death, where is thy sting?” ~1 Corinthians 15:55-58

It is a CAMPAIGN to disarm the venom and sting of death and its workings and deceptions on mankind via knowledge; For my people perish ONLY- for LACK OF KNOWLEDGE! Says The Lord.
Man is subject and subjugated to anything he has no proper and full knowledge or understanding of,  hence: death has ruled, terrorized and held men captive against their will. For lack of complete knowledge, mankind has strived to fight death through medicine and technology to name a few but such efforts have been essentially and inevitably futile in the long run. This is about to change!



This is a global campaign where The Bondservant of Christ will step his feet in every country to roar in the realms and combat the prince of the power the air.

Spirit Revelation conference presents
The Gospel of Immortality
Topics to be covered:

  1. Ascension into the spirit realms
  2. How to live and not die
  3. Activating the incorruptible seed of God’s nature already inherent in you regenerated spirit
  4. Meeting Jesus in the realms of glory, through the portals of fire
  5. Eden is opened – the flaming gates
  6. Fire to live above sin

There will be chronicles of the miraculous and strange supernatural manifestation of:
Healing from terminal/chronic diseases
Deliverance from satanic, demonic, witchcraft, ancestral curses, spells, attacks, sickness and ancestral diseases

Dead human organs will come alive
Spirit teleportation to the heavenly hospital for supernatural organ transplant

Pastor John believes that the hour has come for the body of Christ to leave the elementary doctrines of Christ unto spiritual maturity. Rooted and grounded in the word and not being tossed about by the destructive and distracting winds of doctrines.
You can not sit under his teaching without being transformed…!
God has commissioned Pastor John to raise a new generation of ministers on a global scale who will by revelation activate the realm of Sonship and the Supernatural, selflessly leading their flock and fold into ‘Spiritual Independence’ with the ‘domino-effect’ ofcorporately moving the Body of Christ into ‘The Unity of The Faith’, precipitating the final culmination of the ministry of the ‘Five-fold’.
Pastor John is an end-time catalyst of a series of sequential events that will fulfill the prerequisites of the ‘Appearance of The Groom’.
A) The Presentation of the Gospel of Sonship.
B) The Age of The Sons:
I)The manifestation of the Sons
I I) The Redemption of Creation
C) The Unity of The Faith
D) The Triumph over the last enemy -death(Sons outliving the general age-deadline) aka ‘The Presentation of the Bride’
E) The Appearance of Christ/Groom